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Title: Learn Nude Photography
Author(s): David Weisenbarger, M. Ed.
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Author's Introduction
Foreword: How to Take better Dirty Pictures by Michael C Gross
Michael C Gross is an award winning art director: National Lampoon, Esquire, Heavy Metal, as well a free lance designer for The Rolling Stones, John Lennon, The Muppets, and the Mexican Olympics (1968). He has his art and design displayed in 5 museums around the world. He was a film producer for 15 years producing such movies as: Heavy Metal, Ghostbusters (1and 2) Twins, Dave and six others as well as three TV shows. He has 4 Emmy nominations. His photography is published world wide and his personal site has examples of his art, design and photography.
CHAPTER 1: Tatyana Beauty Dish on Yellow
Tatyana really shined in this shoot and the colors were perfect for this little blonde. The setup is rather simple but the prep for it took some time. So many things come together to produce a particular look...
CHAPTER 2: Rima Green Chair Studio
This session is the first time I used my new studio in Ukraine! I was fortunate enough to have the beautiful Rima come over and work with me. Rima has such perfect skin and shape that I wanted to push the limits of contrast, color, and sharpness in my new studio...
CHAPTER 3: Olya Breaking Free
This session is a very important one for me, because the basic idea behind this Poster is the yellow rope binding Olya, seemingly holding her back from our point of view. From her point of view, she starts off by not even noticing the rope. This is a symbol of oppressive ignorance. Then she does notice her binds, but is not put off by them. Rather, she is...
CHAPTER 4: Tatyana In the Spotlight
In the Spotlight is a product of some very simple lighting effects and some interesting development conditions. Anyone can produce this simple, yet beautiful look...
CHAPTER 5: Tatyana Cowboy Hat
Tatyana role plays a little having fun with her hand-made leather panties and rustic cowboy hat. I do not generally like producing works that are overly thematic and we had to be careful to not cross over into a purely thematic look. But there is something very sexy...
CHAPTER 6: Tatyana Turquoise
Turquoise is such a great shade of blue and contrasts nicely with a girl's skin. In this session...
CHAPTER 7: Tatyana Frost and Green Dress Studio
This was our second big session on the huge vinyl backdrop I created for Tatyana Spotlight. We have used it for a bunch of cool studio sessions since, but this session represents the original idea of using a huge ...
CHAPTER 8: Anya Yellow Party
I already had some ideas in my mind after seeing Anya's casting photos she emailed us. With her strong figure and excellent muscle tone, I really wanted to do something that emphasized both her strong figure and...
CHAPTER 9: Riyeesa Showing Off
Riyeesa is one cool girl! She is full of energy, confidence, and fun. Because of this, we wanted to shoot her in a way that expresses her energy...
CHAPTER 10: Ksenya and Tatyana on Red Fur
emember when I said that there are three different groups that I believe exist in artistic nude photography? Well, this session is one of the few times we let out hair down and...


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CHAPTER 11: Alena Sunflowers
The second I passed the flower field I knew what I wanted to do! The shoot was not without its challenges though...
CHAPTER 12: Tatyana Morning Coffee
This session is the most requested lesson on David-Nudes. What makes this session with Tatyana so interesting is the light and how it sculpts her body. The technique is actually very simple...
CHAPTER 13: Anya and Tatyana Cream
This series was originally designed for only Anya, but when I was putting the set together I noticed how much Tatyana and Anya got along. I also noticed how similar their body structure is...
CHAPTER 14: Natasha Colorful Grass
The bright, even sunlight of the day made for vivid colors set against the blue sky and filled in by bright green field grass. Natasha brought along a cute...
CHAPTER 15: Lidia Tree Nymph
The air was full of crisp, warm energy. The sun shining through the trees. This shoot was on a perfect day, in a perfect location, with a perfect girl. There was only one challenge...
CHAPTER 16: Anya Innocently Caught
I really love natural light, or at least the appearance of it. In Anya's photo session, generally referred to as Doorway, I want a warm, gritty feel. Our studio apartment in Eastern Europe has this old double-door entryway with a three foot...
CHAPTER 17: Rima, Alla, and Riyeesa My Three Graces
Every great once in a while, you see something in your minds eye. Something that you just know would be amazing to make. As I walked around the Louvre, admiring the amazing ...
CHAPTER 18: Tatyana Fun in the Sand
Oil up a hot naked blonde and throw her into the sand...what a hot idea! The twist to this shoot is that...
CHAPTER 19: Tatyana A Study in Oil
The goal of this shoot is to create a sharp, ultra high resolution image of the model in a dynamic, contrasty setting...
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