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People say I'm quiet, but I'm just selective about who I talk to:) I like to draw and paint. I love anime. Just modeling right now, looking for a permanent job.
First thing you think when you meet Cami is: wow, she is tall! At 6 feet Cami could be strutting any runway in the world. Couple her height with a perfect figure and an angelic face and you definitely have a superstar. Cami was quiet at first, but once we got to know each other, she became quite a chatterbox. Cami has moved around a lot, even lived on an Indian reservation for a few years. She knows a lot about plants and animals, and overall is a very intelligent young lady.
Name Cami
Age 18
Representing California
Number Of Photo Sets 11
Number Of HD Videos 11

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Let me camera become your hands as your fly across every inch of this girl's nude body as she rolls around on the bed.

Flutters of the evening wind blow through the trees and envelopes Cami's nude body as this fairy nymph teen dream comes true in pure HD before your very eyes.

Im a little shy, but Tatyana gets me to open up in front of the camera for my video interview with David-Nudes. I talk about life and why I want to get naked :-)

An all new director's cut from The Nude Maid where you can enjoy Cami in a special artistic and slow motion closeup view of her nude body as she washes your floors for you.

We think that one thing the world really needs is high quality and tasteful teenage nudes...and Cami delivers in this breathtaking and natural film full of her sweet spirit and smile...oh...and her naked body as well! Enjoy!

Juicy and wet, full of sweet pink flesh...and thats just the watermelon that lush Cami is enjoying as a tasty snack in the nude. Fun times!

Come outside and play with the girls next door...naked! Enjoy these two young cuties as they hop, run, and play around with the volleyball on a lakeside beach. Beautiful and refreshing.

There are many ways to take care of dirty things...and there is no better way to clean that to get dirty yourself! In this film, the cameras capture your sweet young house maid as she decides to slowly slip out of all her clothes and clean your whole house in the nude. She dusts, mops, vacuums, and even gets on all fours scrubbing that floor for you. She sneaks off to your bedroom and relaxes naked on your bed for a while as the camera caresses her curves. In the end, she is surprised by you returning home early as she rushes to get her dress back on before you walk through the door!

Come along with teen nudists Bree and Cami as they rent a boat and go spend a whole day at the lake naked together!! They play in the water naked together, lay out their beautiful exposed breasts and everything else in the sun to tan, lotion each other up, and even have a pick nick together, all in the nude! Shot in full HD and produces with vivid true-life colors and great sound, this film will make you feel like a real nudists right next to them.

A special director's cut from The Nude Maid where you can enjoy all of Cami in artistic and slow motion glorious detail as she dusts and vacuums your apartment in the nude.

When a babe works out every muscle in her body is tight, her boobs jump up and down, and she is covered in delicious sweat. Don't you wish you could see all this happening without clothes obstructing the view? Now you can! Cami takes exercising to the next level by doing it completely naked. Yoga, sit-ups, jumping jacks, you name it. Watch this tall brunette's natural tits jiggle as she runs on a treadmill. Stand in awe of this young vixen's strength as she works out naked on the Bowflex! Don't miss a second as sweat drips off her body during a spinning exercise. To top off the flesh fest, Cami straps herself into an Ab Lounge and works her abs hard as the camera scans every inch of her fit, toned, and sweaty body.


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